Perpetual Care

Grounds Care and Maintenance

Over one hundred years ago, in order to ensure that grounds care and maintenance would remain a top priority, the Board of Directors established a perpetual care fund for this purpose. The perpetual care of each grave is included in the purchase price, and new lot owners are advised that perpetual care consists of cutting the grass, trimming around memorials, raking and cleaning of the grounds, and, when necessary, pruning and maintaining the shrubs and trees, which have been planted by the Association.

For many years, the policy of the Board of Directors has been to place 50% of the purchase price of a lot in the perpetual care fund. The fund is managed by two professional investment counsels, who report quarterly to the cemetery board. The income from the perpetual care fund and the revenue derived from various fees and charges enable the Association to provide a high level of grounds maintenance. Careful planning and close monitoring of our financial situation ensures that this desirable condition continues even after all lots have been sold and our cemeteries are fully developed.

We have outsourced our grounds maintenance, as well as the spring and fall cleanups, and are very pleased with the quality and cost effectiveness of this contractual work. We have pioneered in this aspect of cemetery operations, as few, if any, other cemeteries in Massachusetts now outsource the grounds maintenance function.

The planting of shrubs, bushes and trees, as well as the placement of brick or stone enclosures, fences and ornaments at the gravesites, is prohibited. The Association will not be held liable for any items left at a grave that become lost or damaged. The General Manager or his agent reserves the right to remove items from any grave which in his judgment become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental or diseased.